Private Pilot Course 

Cessna 152

60.0 hours @$81.17=$4870


Instrument Rating Course 

Cessna 152

45.0 hours@$81.17=$3653

Simulator-10.0 hours @$45.00=$450


Commercial Pilot Course (250.0 total time required)

Cessna 172RG  15.0 hours@$139.65=$2095


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) 

Cessna 172RG  10.0 hours@$139.65=$1396

Flight Instruction 10.0 hours@$55.0=$550

Ground Instruction 10.0 hours@$55.0=$550                       Total $2,496


Certified Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII)

Cessna 172 10.0 hours@$107.91=$1079

Flight Instruction 10.0 hours@$55=$550

Simulator 5.0 hours@$45=$225

Ground Instruction-10.0 hours@$55=$550                           Total $2404


Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI)

Seminole-10.0 hours@$241.74=$2417

Flight Instruction-10.0 hours@$55.0=$550

Ground Instruction-10.0 hours@$55.0=$550                         Total $3517


These courses may be taken in any order but a Commercial Pilot Certificate is required for the CFI,CFII, and MEI. Completion time required may vary depending on individual…here our some other costs that you may incur during training.

Miscellaneous Books and test preps.


Medical Certificate


Written Exam



$200 and up

Examiner’s Fee


Enrollment Fee


Monthly Dues


Flight Training
The Pilot Factory has set out to provide comprehensive and quality flight training at a fair rate. Using Long beach Airport (KLGB) provides an excellent airport for training due to the many areas of aviation in one place.
We have everything you need to achieve a proper education in aviation. From FAA Approved flight simulator all the way to multi-engine aircraft, we've got you covered!
The Pilot Factory offers reasonable aircraft rates with many options available.